Our concepts and the upcoming pitching event

In the beginning of next year we should start building our first prototype chamber. Christmas is closing in on us and it won’t be long before New Years Eve has passed and the building process should be well underway.


On December 9th a pitching event is held at TAMK Campus where the three teams of NASA Epic Challenge will present their ideas. Marsesters will take the stage as the first team to show their work. Experts from FMI and TAMK have been invited to  come in and give feedback on the work done so far.


Here are some of our concepts:



At this moment our main concept is to use box with 2 separate vacuum chambers (one box inside another).


We have narrowed our cooling choices to 4 different concepts. We haven’t decided which method we are going to use for our prototype. The choice is dictated by the target temperature and budget.

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