We are testing!

Last two weeks have been very exciting for us. We got a vacuum pump and pressure sensor from YTM-Industrial company. Finally, we can start real work!

Our first set up looks like this:

index(Leybold pump from YTM-Industrial Oy)

Here is our plywood box connected with pump, sensor and wrapped into plastic bag. As the test revealed, problem with plywood is that it leaks a lot. That is why we used first thing, which came to our minds and covered it with plastic bag. 36 mBar is pressure we were able to achieve. Currently we are researching better ways to make plywood air tight.index2

This picture represents our second set up. Using a sealed metal container we have achieved 8,4 mBar pressure which is amazing. Short reminder that we are aiming for 6 mBar. There is an idea about making different flanges to this chamber and with them test various materials and inlets.

So we are on our way to build the Mars Chamber!