The Mars Chamber

What do you need to simulate Mars?

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Low Pressure

The pressure on Mars is 6 mbar, while the pressure on Earth fluctuates around 1016 mbar. The pressure difference is a factor that affects some projects, and has been expensive to test.

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Mars Temperatures

The temperatures on Mars surface range from -153 °C to +20 °C. We will aim for maximizing the Chamber’s temperature range.

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Easy To Make

The chamber has to be easy to replicate, to make it accessible for everybody. Materials will have to be available in all countries, and no special tools should be needed

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Low cost

To get our chamber to widespread use, it has to be affordable to everyone, everywhere. This means low material costs, low assembly cost and minimizing the tools needed.

Where are we now?

We have chosen our challenge several weeks ago and at the moment we are gathering available information. We have contacted Honeybee Robotics company, which deals with production and testing equipment for Mars and space missions, we keep in touch with our USA supervisors from NASA.

On 16th of October we've visited Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki and were able to consult experts in the field of production of electronics and measuring devices for Mars.

Several concepts under discussion for the Mars Chamber are shape and materials. We are searching for equipment and studying methods to reach our goals. Also we are looking for partners and sponsors for our epic project.

If you are interested in helping us in this extremely facinating challenge, you are more than welcome to contact us. And of course, follow us on Instagram and check out weekly posts with pictures of our progress.

  • Material and shape

  • Getting the low pressure

  • Achieving target temperature

  • Do everything with just a push of a button

Our Team

Highly motivated multidisciplinary team from TAMK


Project Manager
I am a fourth year student of mechanical and production engineering. I am interested in technology, science and space.


Concept Engineer
I study Mechanical Engineering. I have 18,5 years working experience with drilling & blasting.


Secretary & Flower Manager
I am an Energy and Environmental Engineering student. I am fascinated by new and little known subjects. I want to make a contribution in space and Mars exploration!


Test Engineer
I’m trying to survive through my second year of mechanical engineering studies. I am almost left handed.


Assistant Project Manager
I am a Mechanical Engineer student. I am interested in Space travel and the future of mankind. I like Pistacchio e limone ice cream.


PR Manager
I am second year Bachelor of Business Administration student. I always carry around my blue water bottle


Assistant Project Manager, IT and Control Systems
I am an Information Technology student and Devoted programmer & Embedded systems designer. My favourite Star Trek character is Lieutenant Commander Data.

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